Other settings for “non-scientific” texts in LaTeX

Figures that have no numbers, but only text in the captions:


No indentation at the beginning of a paragraph, but a bigger separation space between paragraphs:


Header lines that contain only page number and chapter, not the section:


LaTeX package “wrapfig”

LaTeX is all nice and fancy if you write technical texts, where the pictures are floating in the text (mostly at the top and/or bottom of pages) and you reference them with numbers. But as I do all sorts of things with LaTeX, sometimes I want more “fun” texts which have pictures somewhere in the pages and text flowing around them.

For this purpose, I have now discovered the package wrapfig:


You can include a picture like this (this one floats left of the text with a width of 7em):


You can control some of the appearance with different settings in the preamble (see the documentation at CTAN), e.g.,