About Us

hro: Welcome to our new blog. We’ll use this site to dump anything too useful to trash but too hard to remember at our next cup of coffee…

swk: Where do you want to attach the PP “at our next cup”? “Dump it at our next cup” or “hard to remember at our next cup”?

hro: Arrgghh, I’m writing with a computational linguist. Ok then, how do you want to phrase it then?

swk: pfff… “We’ll use this site to dump anything too useful to trash but too hard to remember should we need it again.”

So who is "we"? We are two computer scientists who – like all of our profession – rely a lot on search engines and stackexchange to solve weird problems. Usually, the solution is out there in the mighty internet somewhere. And usually, after we’ve solved the problem once, we need the same solution again, many months later. And usually, by that time, we forgot what we did last time and have to search again. So this blog is our dump for weird stuff, crazy hacks and awesome discoveries. We want to remind ourselves what we did to solve X all this time ago. And we don’t want to put that in some secret files on our personal computers. No, we want to give back to the web community which provided us with the solutions in the first place. So that if ever anybody has the same weird problem, she can find the solution here on our blog. Just like we found it on someone’s blog the first time around.

Our blogging will be very infrequent and topics will cover whatever we are dealing with at the moment. Writing her PhD thesis in LaTeX, swk will probably spend some time writing about how to want what LaTeX gives you. Or teaching her students the basics of SVN/git or similar things that you don’t really learn at the university. Being forced to use Windows, hro might want to rant about that, but he might also lean more towards fruit-related content. We’ll see.

Due to lots of spam, we have disabled comments for now, but if you want to contact us, you can use our three-letter abbreviations (at) this domain. If that description of an email address won’t discourage spam, I don’t know what will! Oh wait, that would be digital signatures… ah, one may dream…