Letters in LaTeX

My standard letter in LaTeX with the class scrlttr2 (created by a German to adhere to German letter guidelines):

\documentclass[fromalign=location, fromphone=true, fromemail=true, locfield=wide]{scrlttr2}
\setkomavar{fromname}{Max Mustermann}
\setkomavar{fromaddress}{Musterstr.\ 1\\12345 Musterstadt}
\setkomavar{signature}{Max Mustermann}
\setkomavar{date}{7.\ August 2013}

\begin{letter}{Jane Doe\\
Example street 2\\
54321 Exampleville
\opening{Dear Mrs.\ X,}
this is the letter I promised.
\closing{Kind regards,}

The variables ‘from…’ set the sender, the recipient is given right after begin letter. The sender information can be set at strange places, for a very simple letter I use ‘fromalign=location’ which results in the sender information somewhere at the top right, a bit higher than the recipient, but not in the headline. With the standard settings the e-mail address is too wide for the sender field, so I widen it with ‘locfield=wide’.

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