Handouts from slides

Creating handouts from slides created with LaTeX beamer is simple. Just specify the option “handout” in the documentclass:


In your slides, you can use the marker presentation and handout to give specific instructions that apply only when the pdf is created in presentation mode or in handout mode. So for example you can have different templates for your slides [there are spaces around the < because otherwise they are not displayed in this blog... delete them when you write real LaTeX]:

\mode < presentation >
\mode < handout >

You can have things only on the handout or only on the slides:

\visible<1->{This is the same for handout and slides.}
\visible<1-|handout:0>{This won't be in the handout.}
\visible<1|handout:2>{This is on the same slide for the presentation,
but on a different slide for the handout.}
\visible<2|handout:1>{This is on a different slide for the presentation,
but on the same slide for the handout.}
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