Backup slides in LaTeX beamer

Sometimes you have a LaTeX beamer presentation and want to have some "backup" slides that you may show if the audience is really interested in this detail, but otherwise not. There is a simple solution for that, the package appendixnumberbeamer.

You need to load the package in the preamble:


Then you just need to use "appendix" before the slides you want to have as backup:

Thank you for your attention!

% start backup slides here

\frametitle{Detailed Results of User Study}

Remember to run pdflatex twice for the changes to take effect!

The slides in the appendix will not count towards the total slide number that is displayed for the normal slides. Backup slides will have their own slide numbers and total slide numbers counted anew from the start of the appendix. Very handy!

You can organize your backup slides in sections, these section will not appear in the table of content. If you use a beamer template with navigation (miniframes like in Szeged, or split like in Malmoe), the backup slides will not appear in the navigation. A cool thing is that on the backup slides, the navigation will show the structure of the backup slides, so you can easily change to the slide you want. A disadvantage is of course that everybody will see that you have more backup slides than actual slides 😉

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