Change a git commit from the past (not the most recent one)

# Figure out which commit you want to edit by getting its SHA.
git log

# Start an interactive rebase ($SHA = your commit's SHA and the ^ is important!).
git rebase --interactive $SHA^

# [Change 'pick' to 'edit' for your commit and save the buffer]

# [Add your changes with git add -p, etc.]

# Change the commit and optionally add --no-edit if you want to keep the existing message.
git commit --amend

# Finalize and apply the rebase.
git rebase --continue

# Or cancel the rebase and go back to what it was like before you started rebasing.
git rebase --abort
From Nick Janetakis – Change a Git Commit in the Past with Amend and Rebase Interactive (

Run Spark locally and access S3

By changing the code:
val sparkConfig = new SparkConf()
   .set("", "com.amazonaws.auth.DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain")
By adding JVM arguments to Java:
By setting the JVM property from Java (I have not tested if this works for the credentials provider, but it should):
System.setProperty("spark.master", "local[*]")
System.setProperty("", "com.amazonaws.auth.DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain")
The AWS credentials will be taken from the default profile or you can specify the profile with the environment variable AWS_PROFILE=<your profile.