Settings swk

Ubuntu / Gnome settings:

  • System settings / Appearance / Behavior: check “Enable workspaces”, show the menus “in the window’s title bar”, menu visibility “always displayed”.
  • System settings / Regional format: Change to “English (Ireland)”.
  • System settings / Bluetooth: Turn off.
  • System settings / Details / Removable media: set all to “Ask what to do”.
  • System settings / Time & Date / Clock : check “Weekday”, “date and month”, “24-hour time”, “include week numbers”
  • System settings / Display: turn off “Sticky edges”, check “Launcher on all displays”
  • System settings / Text entry: set to “Allow different sources for each window” and “new windows use the default source”.
  • Unity tweak tool / Hotcorners: turn on, upper left corner set “Window spread”

Suse, Kubuntu / KDE settings:

  • Settings / Desktop Behaviour / Desktop effects – deactivate “Fade”, “Blur”, “Translucency”,
  • Settings / Desktop Behaviour / Accessibility – deactivate “use system bell” in “audible bell”
  • Settings / Account Details / KDE Wallet – deactivate
  • Settings / Input devices / Keyboard – configure English keyboard
  • Settings / Input devices / Mouse / General – set “double click to open files”
  • Settings / Task Manager Settings / General – Sorting “manually”, Grouping “do not group”, mark “show only tasks from the current desktop”
  • Settings / Startup and Shutdown / Desktop session – On startup “start with an empty session”
  • Panel – Remove “Show Desktop” widget, add “Quick launcher” widget.

Firefox settings:

  • General: check “Make Firefox your default browser”, “Always ask me where to save files”, “Open new windows in a new tab instead”.
  • Search: uncheck “Provide search suggestions”.
  • Applications: change pdf to “Always ask”.
  • Privacy: “Use custom settings for history”, uncheck “Remember search and form history”, Keep cookies “I close Firefox”.
  • Security: uncheck “Remember logins for sites”.
  • Advanced / General: check “Search for text when I start typing”,
    uncheck “Check my spelling as I type”.
  • In about:config: set “browser.bookmarks.showRecentlyBookmarked” to False

Thunderbird settings:

  • Enable menu bar
  • Preferences / General: uncheck “When Thunderbird launches show start page”, uncheck “play a sound when new message arrives”.
  • Preferences / Display / Advanced: check “Close message window/tab on move or delete”, uncheck “Show only display name for people in my address book”.
  • Preferences / Composition / Spelling: uncheck “Enable spell check as you type”.
  • Preferences / Privacy: Uncheck “Accept cookies from sites”, check “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked”.
  • View / Layout: uncheck “Message pane”
  • View / Today pane: uncheck “Show”
  • Account settings / Copies and Folders: change “Place a copy in”, check “Place replies in the folder of message”.
  • Account settings / Composition: uncheck “Compose messages in HTML format.”
  • Install Enigmail and import keys.
  • Install Lightning and import calendars.

Pidgin settings:

  • Preferences / Interface: set “Hide new IM conversations” to “Never”. Set “New conversations” to “New window”. Show system tray icon “Always”
  • Preferences / Conversations: uncheck “show formatting”, uncheck “buddy animation”, uncheck “highlight misspelled words”, uncheck “resize smileys”.
  • Preferences / Sounds: check “Mute sounds”
  • Preferences / Status: set “Idle time” to “Never”, uncheck “change to this status”, set “startup status” to “available”.
  • Plugins: Enable “Message Notification”, “Message Timestamp Formats”,
  • Show: “Offline Buddies”, “Empty groups”
  • Install Skype plugin

Atom settings:

  • Core settings: uncheck “audio beep”, Restore previous windows on start set “no”,
  • Editor: check “Scroll past end”, check “Soft wrap at preferred line length”,
  • Themes: Set to “Atom light”
  • Install Packages:
    • atom-latex (custom toolchain %TEX %ARG %DOC, add *.synctex.gz for cleaning, save files before build)
    • script
    • minimap
    • linter-flake8
  • Disable packages: autocomplete-plus

Konsole/Terminal settings

  • TabBar: check “Show New Tab and Close Tab buttons”
  • Profile / Scrolling: “Unlimited Scrollback”