Inkscape Basics (because I forgot what I knew a week ago)

Resize Inkscape svg canvas to it’s content
Go to File -> Document Properties -> Page
Resize page to drawing or selection

Add guides helps with alignment etc.
Just click ruler and drag down from top, left or even top/left for diagnonal guide

Setup/Change snapping when moving objects around
Go to File -> Document Properties -> Snap

Change color of object
Go to Object -> Fill and stroke (Shift+Ctrl+F)

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MacOSX Postinstall – Todo list

Just a list of steps to take after a clean mac os x install, maybe later will be ordered etc.

[ ] Install Little Snitch
Config on gdrive enc container
[ ] Install Little Flocker
Config on gdrive enc container
[ ] Install Launchbar
Config on gdrive enc container
[ ] Put ssh keys in ~/.ssh
[ ] Install gpg key in
[ ] Install Firefox and Chrome
[ ] Install Filezilla
[ ] Install Pulse VPN
[ ] Install Remote Desktop Manager Free
Config on gdrive enc container
[ ] Install Skype for Business
[ ] Install Skype (not sure, needs way too much permissions etc.)
[ ] Install apps from AppStore
[ ] Unset natural scrolling
[ ] Install Shades
[ ] Install BTT (Better Touch Tool)
[ ] Install Dropbox
[ ] Install GDrive
[ ] Install OneDrive

Which process has an open handle on my file x (fuser, lsof or Process Explorer)?

Here’s how to find out if a file is locked because of another process that still has an open file handle.

On Linux/Unix just use: fuser or lsof

lsof | grep
fuser -v

On Windows the Sysinternals Process Explorer is a great answer to this (and many other questions):

Just Ctrl+F and enter the name or part of it and search